Which yarn do I use for my project? 

Yes! She sometimes seems to hesitate a bit in my part of the world, but the sun is finally on its way! Summer is that time of year for light and airy yarns. Would you like to knit or crochet a summer piece for your wardrobe, but don't know where to start? Hopefully the tips below will get you started!

- Bamboo wears very airy and soft. It wears smoothly along your body and has a very nice "drape". Bamboo is also very suitable for people with sensitive skin: it isn't toothy at all and doens't irritate the skin. It absorbs moisture easily. When you put your bamboo shirt in soapy water, you will see that the stitches will even out beautifully: one of the stunning properties of bamboo! This yarn is very suitable to use for a pattern with a textured pattern. 

- Bamboo-Linen has the softness of bamboo, but the robust appearance of linen. I think it's a great yarn! It may feel a bit stiff on the skein, but as soon as you've knitted with it, this yarn gives a beautiful soft fabric with a very subtle shine. It is a thinner yarn, I recommend needle 3.0 mm at the max. Bamboo-linen is ideally suited for a simple sweater with a lace pattern in the yoke or bottom part, for example.

- I regularly hear inveterate wool lovers say that knitting with cotton isn't the best idea. Too bad really, because my super soft pima cotton knits and crochets very nice and results in a garment that is wonderfully wearable in warm summers! Pima cotton is much softer than cotton with which you crochet use for amigurumi: it's very strong and durable and can be washed in the washing machine. Any leftovers are perfect for a knitted or crocheted coaster, mug cozy or dishcloth. Pima cotton is an all-rounder: a fine cable, lace knitting, lace-work mandalas, you name it, you make it!

Basically all yarns can be washed in the machine, but personally I prefer to wash my garments made of hand-dyed yarns by hand.  After all, you don't want it to be ruined by a zipper that snags or another piece of clothing that gives off color... Please do check my care instructions for the best result!


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