Do you feel like having a party?
All kinds of things are celebrated worldwide, such as the harvest (Samhain), love (Valentine's Day) and the blossoming cherry trees in Japan (Hanami). I think it would be fantastic for the Draadzaak Yarnclub to translate those colorful celebrations into hand-dyed yarn. And that's why "Celebrations all over the world" will be the theme of the Draadzaak Yarn Club 2024. The first club is inspired by the Hindustani Holi festival!


What to expect from the Draadzaak Yarnclub?
Last year I dyed the yarn clubs on different types of plant-based yarn. Because I now also dye woolen yarns, there will be more to choose from this year! You can treat yourself to a merino sock set in fingering weight or DK, or a large club (3x100 grams) dyed on bamboo, cotton or merino yarn. A club can be made up of equal skeins, a fade, or 3 different matching skeins. Because the dyeing process of wool and plant-based yarns is very different and each yarn has its own characteristics, the clubs on the different bases will be different from one another.

The inspiration photo at the top of this page gives you an impression of the colors you can expect for this edition. I do not copy those colors one on one, but I will use them as an inspiration.

Please note this is a pre-order: the Yarn Club will ship the week of February 19-25.
Pre-orders close on Wednesday, January 31st OR when sold out.

The Yarn Club explained: 

  • Every 8 weeks a different global celebration takes center stage: I translate the colors belonging to that celebration into a set of woolen and plant-based yarns.
  • Each Yarn Club becomes a set of multiple skeins of yarn: A sock set dyed on merino wool is made up of one 100 grams skein with two minis a DK sockset is made up of one 100 grams skein with one mini.  A large club will have 3x 100 grams of yarn.
  • This is not a subscription: you can decide every 8 weeks - based on the inspiration photo - if you want to order the club.
  • The Yarn Club colors are exclusive to the club and will not be re-dyed for the webshop. However, I may offer additional dyed skeins after the club has been revealed.
  • It's a friendly request not order additional items from the webshop: due to the large quantities, it is  logistically impossible to send individual items along with the club. Thank you for understanding!
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