De Draadzaak Yarn Club 2023: edition #3

Do you feel like going on a trip?

America, the land of endless possibilities. I am one of those lucky bastards who has been there a number of times and I loved it! America has many National Parks that differ greatly in flora and fauna. The beautiful yuccas in Joshua Tree, the arid plains in Death Valley or the mystical travertine terraces in Yellowstone...

You might get it: I have plenty of inspiration and I really want to capture that in a Yarn Club! So I'd love to take you on a virtual journey to four different States of America this year. This time our destination is:

What to expect from the Draadzaak Yarn Club, edition #3 ?

This third edition of the Yarn Club will be a set of 3 skeins of Pima cotton DK yarn, 100 grams / 200 meters each. Because this club will contain three skeins of the same colorway, there's an opportunity to order extra skeins, so you'll have enough yarn for your project of choice. The inspiration photo at the top of this page gives an impression of the colors you may expect for this edition. I don't copy the colors one on one, but will use them as an inspiration. Pima cotton is grown for its softness and is very strong. This type of yarn is lovely to wear in hot summers and suitable for people with a (wool) sensitive skin or a vegan lifestyle.

Please note: this is a pre-order. The club will ship in the week of September 18-22.
This pre-order will close on the 28th of July or when sold out.


The Yarn Club explained in more detail:

  • Every quarter of the year one of the American States will play the key role in this Yarn Club: The colors of that specific State will be translated into a set of yarn.
  • Each Yarn Club becomes a set of multiple skeins of vegan yarn (100 grams skeins). This can be any combination of tonals, semi-solids, multi-colored skeins or speckled skeins. With three or four skeins, you will have enough yarn for a large project: a big comfy shawl, a nice top or (the beginning of) a blanket or bedspread. 
  • Do you want to see the result of our previous trips to Montana and Florida? Click here
  • For each Yarn Club I clearly indicate which yarn base (bamboo or cotton, various weights and lenghts) I will use for that edition. This may vary between clubs.
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  • This is not a subscription: you can decide every quarter - based on an inspiration photo - if you want to order the club. 
  • The colors of the Yarn Club are exclusive to the club, and will not be listed on the webshop at a later time. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: if you order other items, they will be sent to you together with the Yarn Club, so in the week of September 18-22.

  • Sold out

    Yarn Club edition #3
    Yarn Club edition #3

    Please note: this is a pre-order. Your order will be shipped the in week of June 12-16. Any other items that you order with this order, will be sent together with the Yarn Club.

    € 58,50
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